Podzy – Secure Enterprise File Sharing

Podzy combines the filesharing software you love with the data security you need

Common fileshare solutions aren’t concerned with data security. That means when you upload a file it can be accessed, read and changed by anyone who can access your server. With Podzy your files are encrypted before they’re uploaded, meaning they can only be seen when you want them to be.

We offer storage on the cloud or on premise for even more security. So explore to find out more about how Podzy can help your business.

“We’ve evaluated Dropbox, and Box, but there is actually nothing else out there like Podzy that does what we want from a security and file collaboration perspective – let’s talk…”

Security Practice Manager, Security Services at Major Australian Bank

“When we lost Novell, we lost the ability to share files securely. We are now ready to deploy Podzy to secure the data that for a long time has been at risk.”

Infrastructure Head, Pacific Region, Global Manufacturer