Redefining Security

PodzyTM offers client side encryption, and splits data to be stored in multiple locations - meaning nobody else can piece your data together

Convenient and Easy to Use

The PodzyTM Client integrates seamlessly with your file system, and works to constantly manage syncing, sharing and encryption so you can focus on getting the work done

Cloud or On-Premises

You can use PodzyTM on the Cloud, install it On-Premises, or build a hybrid of storage locations to suit your business needs

"We've evaluated Dropbox, and Box, but there is actually nothing else out there like PodzyTM that does what we want from a security and file collaboration perspective - let's talk..."

Security Practice Manager - Australian Financial Institution

"When we lost Novell, we lost the ability to share files securely. We are now ready to deploy PodzyTM to secure the data that for a long time has been at risk."

Infrastructure Head - Global Manufacturer